Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Olio (A Word Learned from our Traditional, Daily Husband/Wife Crossword)

Olio basically means misc., odds and ends etc...
So there ya go :)
Andy and I do a crossword together every day and we have learned many new words.  We try to work these new additions to our vocabulary into our conversations and "olio" is one of the more popular terms.

Here's a quick, cute story for you....
One day, I was picking Josh up from his cello lesson and accidentally backed into a low cement wall.  The back bumper was scraped up and a little bent out of shape.  I sent Andy a text asking him how much he loved me.  Without me saying a word about what had happened, he texted back and said he loved me enough that it didn't matter if I wrecked the van :)  How did he know?!?!
When he came home and walked in from the garage I asked him if he had seen the damage.  He said it was all fixed.  Confused, I went out to look and found this....
I'm so grateful for a husband with a sense of humor :)

And speaking of a husband with a sense of humor...
These are a couple of his finest moments of late.
Sometimes he just doesn't know if he's coming or going :)

In other news, Josh received his First Class rank in scouts.
This was a big deal since swimming is quite challenging for him and that was the only thing holding him back from this advancement.  One night, he came home from scouts and surprised us by saying he had passed off the swimming requirement.  We were thrilled!

Just a lovely cloud display at one of Matt's soccer games...

Abby and I had an activity with the 8-11 year old primary girls...

We had a lovely breakfast of crepes in our pajamas (I reworded that sentence several times to try and not make it sound like the crepes were in our pajamas but I couldn't get it)

I have found myself in the middle of several self help books lately.  They're all very good but I struggle because whenever I have time to read I always want to go to my novel.  Probably by the time I finish these it will be too late to help myself...oh well.

Lastly, we lost our sweet Honey in September.
One day I asked Abby to go put her out in her pen to run around.  She came back in crying.  "Honey's dead", she said.  It was quite a shock to all of us.
We can only guess at what might have caused her death.
We all mourned her loss and miss her dearly.
Andy had to keep reminding me that it was good for the kids to learn these life lessons even though it was so hard to watch them suffer through it.
He's right of course but it doesn't make it any easier.
She was a sweetheart!

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  1. Oh, Andy is priceless! Especially love that last shot of him. : )
    Congrats to Josh! That is a big hurdle he overcame.
    Good memorial to Honey McFluffins (gotta love that name).