Thursday, January 5, 2017

Post Christmas in Park City

We left Humphrey in the capable hands of our good neighbors while we went to Park City for several days to celebrate with the Bryans.

We all had our first taste of Baklava.  Matt was the only real fan.

Here we are observing Nancy try out the Virtual Reality goggles we had given Andy's dad.

The kids did a good job of keeping themselves occupied and entertained...

I didn't get many pictures of "Favorite Things" this year since I was holding a phone to Skype with one of our absentees this year.  We were missing two sisters in law but they were there in voice and video :)

Here are some of the spoils...

Andy encouraged me to bring my cross country skis.
I hadn't used them for years...
I was so glad I had the chance to get out a couple of times.
I had forgotten how fun it was!

I completed a 1000 piece puzzle all by myself over the course of a few days.
It was kind of a bizarre one but that made it all the more fun...

Aunt Wendy helped the kids with Gingerbread houses...

It was during this activity that I got word that Grandpa Kidd had passed.
Consequently I wasn't very helpful but I did rally in time to snap a few pictures towards the end.

Some of the cousins right before we left...
It's always a party in Park City :)

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  1. So is Humphrey starting to be comfortable with you--not so grumpy? : )
    Good for you getting out on the skis!
    That is a very busy puzzle, but the variety in it makes it more fun to put together, I think.
    Looks like the kids had lots of fun!