Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Matt Lately...

Matt partnered up with a friend and did a project for the school science fair...

One morning I found him reading books to Ben in bed...
All the kids are actually very good about this :)

My poor, deprived children.  When they were young, it was rare that I let them play with playdough.
It was so messy and such a hassle.  I wish I could go back to those days and say 'yes' more often.
Anyway, Matt pulled it out recently and let his creative juices flow...

For Christmas, I bought the family a set of Harry Potter books.  
Josh and Abby had already read the series so Matt wanted to start into them.  I kept reminding him to be careful with them and not let the covers get bent etc.
One day he came home from school with the cover and many pages warped from water.
He admitted that he probably picked it up with a wet glove or something.  I was not thrilled and could tell that Matt felt bad about it.

I had read in a parenting book recently that if you feel that you responded poorly in a situation with your child that you can go to them and admit you were wrong and start over so to speak.  I know, it's not rocket science but that sort of clicked with me in this instance.  The same book also suggests writing notes as a technique for effective communication with your children.  
Hence, I decided to write a note to Matt and respond how I should have the first time.
I felt pretty proud of myself for once :)

Every winter the elementary school has their Western Night.
It's always a fun and tiring evening!
So happy to have gone with my sweet Matt.

Also, we enjoyed Matt's final Pinewood Derby...

His award was for "The Smoothest Finish" :)

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  1. Gotta love this guy--his enthusiasm, his energy, his tender heart, and his creativity!
    Elephant toothpaste? He needs to tell me about that!