Thursday, May 4, 2017

Spring Break for the Boys

For the last couple of days of Spring Break, Andy took the two oldest boys down south.
It sounds lame but I'm not a huge fan of traveling with's difficult... so I opted out and then Abby decided she would rather stay home and play with our family was split in half.
Her friends all ended up doing things with their families so she was stuck with me.  We just took it easy, made "slime", watched movies, ate fun things and then my parents kindly watched Ben for me so she and I could go to Beauty and the Beast.  That was a fun evening.

But now for the boys...
I don't feel qualified to comment much on the pictures since I wasn't there but I wanted to get the experience in the blog book for them so...

This is a tree at Temple Junction planted by Edith Marsing, Andy's great grandma.
It's in the middle of no where and the plaque says "Give me a drink".

Goblin Valley...

There is a disc golf course in the valley so they played a few holes, I mean baskets...


Interesting note about the picture above...When I was young I went with my family to Moab and we did the hike to Delicate Arch.  However, when we got to this point on the trail I sat down and would not go any further.  For some reason, that drop off and bend in the trail frightened me.  My family members told me the arch was right around the corner but I wouldn't go.  My kind Grandma said she would wait with me so we sat there while everyone else went ahead and enjoyed the arch.  Of course, I regret that now and maybe someday I'll go back and finish the jaunt :)

I'm proud of my boys for doing what I wouldn't do...

Matt waiting in line to get his picture under the arch...

Somewhere else I don't know...

They all said they had a good time.
I'm glad they were able to go and enjoy some male bonding :)


  1. Looks like such a good time for the guys! But in some of the photos they are standing in places that would have had me very nervous. : )
    Wow, when we hiked to see the arch there was hardly a soul that actually ventured right over to it. Can't believe that line.

  2. Over on the Eastern side of the country, I can't wait to get back to the beauty that is the great state of Utah. You have a beautiful family, been following for years.