Thursday, June 8, 2017

Just some Odds and Ends...

Humphers is still alive and well at our least we assume he is well...its hard to tell :)

I love watching him when he squishes himself up against the plastic tub.  He likes to huddle in the corner under his wheel.

Andy relaxing in the BIG chair at Macey's

Ben loves to go outside!  I don't let him do it nearly enough...mostly because I'm lazy and don't love hot weather :)  Matt volunteered to be out with him one day and feed him popcorn.  Ben just sat there in the grass enjoying the great outdoors...

...then they moved to the fire pit...

...and then back to the grass and an iPad.
I love seeing my oldest three being compassionate and involved with Ben.

On May 4th I did not have a dinner plan.  Andy took pity on me and ran to the store.
He created a festive dinner for all of us :)

He had seen a You Tube demonstration of how to make Star Wars pancakes so he made some death stars.

Abby and Matt had a cultural celebration at school the next day.
Abby played the drums and they both participated in dances.

Matt had another great soccer season.

He had a quite a cheering squad for his last game...

And lastly, I had the opportunity to accompany Josh in his cello recital.
He played The Piano Guys' Kung Fu Piano / Cello Ascends.
He did such a fantastic job and it was so much fun to do it together!

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