Monday, January 16, 2012

A girls' day out!

Saturday was a special day.  I got to go shopping with Abby, her grandma, cousin, and aunt for a baptism dress.  Oh boy were the girls excited.  It was pretty cute to watch and listen as they squealed and swirled around in the pretty white dresses.  

There was one in particular that they both adored but both moms said "no" to.  
It was just a little too much for a baptism dress. 

We did have a little bit of a tantrum over it but luckily that dress was forgotten when we went to another shop and found equally beautiful but more conservative dresses.  I couldn't help but think as I helped Abby try on dress after dress about a date far in the future when we might go wedding dress shopping together.  I know it's many years down the road, but I also know that the time will go  quicker than I expect.  Just another reminder to cherish every moment in the now.

The girls decided on the same dress.

However, we realized with Abby's baptism still 10 months away and with great potential for growth in those months, to hold off on buying hers.  The dress fit her perfectly now so I would have bought one size larger but they didn't have one and their return policy is only good for 30 days and you can't do special, I just decided to wait.  I was extremely worried about another tantrum when I told Abby the plan but she was surprisingly adult about it and just said that it was fine and whenever she wanted to see the dress she "could just look at Aubrey's." (who lives in Idaho Falls!)  At least now she knows what she wants and hopefully they will have one her size when we go shopping in October. 

After shopping, the girls decided on Pizza Pie Cafe for lunch.  I didn't complain...I love that place!
They got their own little booth and had a ball.

Thanks Nancy, Jenny and Aubrey for a very fun day!  (And thanks to the guys for letting us go and taking care of all the other young'ns.)

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  1. I love the photo of you and Abby together--and that sweet one of her looking in the mirror.