Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pinterest and Pearls

As I mentioned before, I am addicted to Pinterest.  So much so that I have had to limit myself to pinning only when my children are in bed or not in the home...basically when I don't need to be giving my attention to them. 
I love seeing the ideas and possibilites that are out there.  My favorite boards are the ones dealing with crafts, and the holidays.  The problem is I need to spend less time pinning and more time doing the projects that I pin.  I have done a couple of recipes that have all turned out well...especially the banana coconut bread.  
I have also done a couple of crafts...

 The original table runner on Pinterest had cute doilies sewn on for the snowflakes but when I saw how much doilies cost I opted for a cheaper alternative.  I printed a few different snowflakes from the internet and cut out the middles to create templates.  Then I just used the templates and white paint to make the snowflakes on the runner.

I've loved all the bird nest/egg jewelry out there too and then found on Pinterest how to do your own.  They are pretty simple...I need a little more practice to get them just right but I'm pretty happy with them.  I did a ring for me and one for Abby and the necklace. 

That leads me to my last project from Pinterest.  Actually, I think I just found it on a favorite blog and pinned it myself, but that still counts right? 

I had a nice little jewelry box but it was tucked away in my closet and I didn't use its contents much.  The necklaces were tangled and it just wasn't meeting my needs.  I saw this on "Make it and Love it" and loved it.  The first week of the new year I had the organizing bug and thought I could whip it out in a day or two...well, not so much.  The tutorial online is awesome and super detailed.  She really was exact with all of her measurements and everything.  I didn't think it needed to be that way and so I tried to simplify it.  I usually don't have much luck with that but I never seem to learn my lesson.  This took me several days to finish and don't look too closely because you'll see little problems here and there.  But it's done and it is serving its purpose well.  It's on the inside of my closet door in the bathroom so it is more accessible than the jewelry box used to be and I find myself decked out in my "jewels" more often.  It's kind of fun!

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  1. Clever sub for the snowflakes on the table runner. I saw Abby's ring, but I didn't realize you had made it. Good job!
    Are you wearing more jewelry now?