Friday, January 13, 2012

Grapes and a B-A-T-H

Ben has some developmental issues because of his Dravet Syndrome.  He is 2 1/2 and does not really speak beyond "hi", "no", "go-go-go-go" (from the Cat and the Hat theme song) "May-Mee" (a mix between Mom and Aimee...we think) "oh", "da" (which can mean anything) and "ow".  Consequently we have been trying to teach him some sign language.  Slowly but surely it is coming.  He can consistently sign;  more, bath, all gone, balloon, fish, Jesus, thank you, brush teeth and kitty.  He also waves and points really well.  Every few weeks or so he picks up another sign which is exactly what happened today.  We were having lunch and he pointed to the grapes on the counter.  I asked him if he wanted grapes and signed it.  He got excited and did the sign!  That was awesome for two reasons...1) He picked up the sign after just seeing it once and continued to use it and 2) He wanted to eat something.  We've been having major troubles with his appetite/pickiness etc...  It was great!  He signed it several times during the course of lunch.  

Signing "Grapes"

Recently, Andy told Ben that he was going to give him a bath.  
We have to spell out the word when we're just discussing the possibility of giving him a bath because he loves them and we don't want him to get excited too far in advance.  Back to the story...after he mentioned it to Ben, Andy came into our bathroom to get a towel for him.  When he came out of our room he found Ben in his bathtub with his jammies and his helmet on already for his bath.  It was a pretty cute moment!

Moments like these make me smile and sweeten the road that is often rough for this little guy.

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  1. I'm glad you got a photo of him in the bathtub. You told me about this, but it is fun to see it!
    I didn't know he was signing grape. That's great!