Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A weighty matter and prayers for the King Family

Do you realize that we are 1/12 of the way through this new year already?
At the end of each month I like to review my goals for the year.

I made a goal to not eat any seconds for the year.  Along with that I didn't want to take larger portions (to make up for the lack of seconds) and only have two snacks a day.  Well, things have backfired on me a bit and I've gained some weight since the new year.  Not that I've totally bombed on my goal but I need to change the foods I'm eating...not just how much I'm eating.
So...this morning for breakfast I had a smoothie and this was my lunch...

For dinner we had Little Ceasar's pizza.  I allowed myself one piece of pizza and 2 bread sticks.

Last year I had a goal to weigh 130 by my birthday (April) and I did it!  I would like to weigh the same for my birthday this year and maintain it for the marathon (June) and then for the rest of the year.  Maybe a little lofty, but doable I think.  That means as of this morning, I need to lose 16 pounds.
I hope no one minds if I use this blog for accountability.  I'll keep you posted.

I wanted to mention this blog that I saw for the first time this morning.  Mom, maybe you better not look...it's a sad story, but this wife and mother is incredible and will make it through. 

Her story really touched me. So if you don't mind shedding a few tears, have a peek and join with me in sending prayers her way to Australia.


  1. Can I pray for them without reading the sad story?
    Thanks for the warning. : )
    Good luck on your goal--I don't even dare post mine.

  2. Oh dear. I just clicked over to their blog. I was feeling sorry for myself today for no reason! My prayers are with this sweet family.