Saturday, January 28, 2012

That is an Accomplishment!

This morning I ran 8 miles.  That was an accomplishment.  I haven't run that much since the half marathon in August.  It felt great...granted I am using Jeff Galloway's run/walk method for my training...but hey, I was moving for 8 miles.  Now here I sit typing with ice on my shins.  I'm prone to the splints.

I wanted to mention a few other accomplishments in my family this weekend.

Yesterday, at school, Abby received her 100 points Reading Counts award.  

She's a great little reader.  I have been amazed at how she just took off all of a sudden and there's hardly a word in the scriptures that she's not able to sound out.
Congratulations Abby!  That is an accomplishment.

Last night, Josh received his orange belt in Karate!

He's taken karate for a year now and has done well.  

We just received an email today from the owner informing us that he is closing his studio.  There are several reasons why and he explained them and then said that he is hoping to help all of his students transition into another school of karate in the valley.  

This is good timing for us since Josh was going to have to take a break anyway.  He is having foot surgery in a week and will be out of commission for a while.  (More on that later.)
So we'll see what happens in about six months or so when he's able to be active again.  Maybe he'll want to get back into karate or maybe he'll want to try something else.  
But for now Josh, congratuations!  That is an accomplishment.

Tonight, as a family, we watched Tangled.  I love that movie.  At the end all the kids and I got up and danced during the fun credit song.  I pulled Ben out of his high chair and he had the biggest grin on his face as we twirled around and moved to the music.  It was a sweet moment.  Later, as we were getting ready to read scriptures, he kept playing the "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" song on one of his toys.  He is learning to touch his toes, head and nose during that song.  It was so adorable.  He did it over and over again and finally, once while he was touching his toes, I had to throw his toy over the side of the couch without him noticing so we could read scriptures. 
Congratulations on learning new things Ben!  That is an accomplishment.  

I can't leave out my Matt.  What a guy!  Over the last several months Matt has learned to have a good attitude about almost everything....well, at least about more things than he used to.  He's quicker to obey and very willing to help his little brother.  It is precious to watch and listen to him interact with Ben.  He gets his high pitched voice going and is so tender with him.
Congratulations Matt!  That is an accomplishment.

Andy, you were so patient with me and took care of the kids today while I went running, went out to lunch with a friend of mine and then went shopping for a couple of hours...and all while you were feeling sick.  Bless you!
Congratulations Hon!  That is an accomplishment.

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  1. Congrats to you all. What an accomplished family!
    How did Josh take the news of the karate school closing? That comes as a surprise to me. It seemed to be a successful enterprise.