Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tissue Paper and Felt

The kids had the day off of school on Monday and Abby kept asking if we could put up the Valentine's Day decorations.  It struck me after a bit of pleading that I had better get them up now or else they wouldn't be up for very long.  I pulled out the boxes and put the contents up with the kids' help.  I could have sworn I had more.  Where was everything?  Maybe I just thought I had more because of all the cute things I've been seeing on Pinterest lately. 

  I was happy that I at least had these that I made last year.  Amy Huntley from The Idea Room is amazing.  I love her blog!
I was inspired by her Valentine crafting and decided to play I so often do and made a bunch of the things she links to on this post.

(I had to clean my door for that picture.  That's embarrassing!)

I like the balls...I'm not so sure about the cone.  It needs something.  Any suggestions?

I love the texture of these things.

 I think these rose balls are my favorite.

Hopefully this weekend I'll be heading to some stores to add to the festivities in our home.

Is your place all decked out for the upcoming holiday?


  1. I had that same feeling when I opened my Valentine's Day decorations box.
    And when I saw all of the decorations you had I felt like I needed more. : )
    The rose balls are very pretty!