Friday, February 10, 2012

Pain and love

WARNING:  I am going to post some pictures of Josh's foot so if you're faint of heart, maybe skip this post.

Josh slept pretty well through his first night.  His anesthetic block began to wear off about 5:00 a.m. so we didn't mess around and started giving him his Lortab.

Grandpa Bryan helped Josh with his math homework.  Grandma Bryan helped with Ben and I was able to get a shower in!  Hooray!
Ben had been jerking quite a bit yesterday and the day before and so I was thinking we had a big one coming on.  Sure enough, while playing in his bedroom with Grandma, he started seizing.  It was one where he was immediately out of it...drooling...the whole bit.  It lasted five minutes.  We were just about to give him his medicine when he took a deep breath in and stopped convulsing.  

About that same time, Andy came home for lunch and Josh started feeling a whole lot of pain.  He was about 45 minutes away from his next dose of Lortab but he needed something fast.  He was in tears and crying quite hard.  We called Grandpa who had gone into town and he rushed some liquid ibuprofen home to us.  I hadn't been prepared with that to give in between his Lortab doses.  Now I know to have it on hand for next time.  We gave him the ibuprofen but of course it didn't kick in right away so he continued to have a hard time.
The home health aide came right in the middle of it all to change the dressing on his foot.  Couldn't have been worse timing!  He screamed pretty much the whole way through.  I felt so bad...for them both.

This is how it looked:

For some reason, I couldn't get a clear shot on the other side of his foot.  The doctor wrote his initials and "yes" on his foot before the surgery so he knew which one he was doing.

The home health aide was a cute woman from Germany.  She was so nice and gentle with Josh.  
When she had changed all the dressing and was just wrapping his foot back up he calmed down.  I think the Ibuprofen finally started to kick in.  She took his temperature and listened to his heart.

She might be coming back to see us again soon.

Josh has spent a lot of time like this lately...

He just covers up his head to get away from it all.  He hasn't been super sleepy as I had expected.  That's probably a good thing though so he can get all his homework done :)
  He's been a trooper about that.

The rest of the day was not bad at all.  We made sure we kept the medicine coming every two hours.
My in-laws let me get a nap in.  That was a blessing.  

Ben decided to end the day by throwing up and making our day even more medically interesting!
(I don't think he's sick...just an unsettled stomach.)

Dad helping Josh brush his teeth.

I wanted to mention that so many good friends, neighbors and family have done such nice things.  Cookies, cards, visits, baby sitting, phone calls and emails.  Thank you so much for making us feel loved...especially Josh.  We are so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people!

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  1. Ewwww! Lovely photos. Reminds me of Jo's surgery when he broke his leg. Does Josh look at the stitches or does he prefer not to?
    That is so funny that he just covers his head.
    So the seizure did come! I kept waiting for it, but not on my watch this time. Bless you all--this, too, shall pass!