Saturday, February 11, 2012

Puckers and Root Beer Floats

Josh has been in high spirits today.  Andy and I commented on how he seems to be more polite since his surgery.  He's always thanking us for doing things for him.  It's so pleasant to hear.
His spirits were especially high after a bath.  You should have seen it...(no pictures for obvious reasons) but try to imagine Josh, half sitting, half laying in the tub, Andy scrubbing him down with me sitting on the edge of the tub, a sleeping, postictal Ben in my left arm while I'm holding Josh's bandaged foot up out of the water with my right hand.  A sight to behold I'm sure.

Squeaky clean Josh

 Bedtime Smooches!

I love how Ben puckers up for looks like I do a pretty good job too :o)

Josh and I enjoyed a root beer float (his favorite treat) together at the end of the day.
Photo courtesy: Matt

1 comment:

  1. Josh does look pretty happy! And Ben's puckers are priceless--so are yours. : )
    What kind of seizure this time--and how long?
    Matt takes a good photo, and a root beer float is sure to put a smile on Josh's face!!