Monday, February 20, 2012


Today, Josh graduated from his flimsy dressing to a hard cast.  Andy took him into see Dr. Cook so I don't have many details...just that it was a bit painful for him. (I made him take the camera with him.  Thanks for the pics Hon!)

Andy rewarded Josh afterward with a roast beef sandwich and a shake from Arby's.  A shake can make anything better.  Right?  In my mind it sure can!

We all took turns signing it.  

Josh will head back to school tomorrow.  Hopefully he'll have plenty of helpers and everything will go smoothly.  If not, I might need to take him to get another shake.


  1. Love the "thumbs up" shot and Matt signing the cast. Can't wait to add my name--tell him to save me some room!

  2. I love Josh's face in that first picture, what a stud!