Monday, February 20, 2012

weekend projects

This is really embarrassing but this is how the kids' bathroom cabinet looked until this weekend. 

 What a mess!  
It's been driving me crazy for a while but hasn't been the top priority.  Friday, I found myself with a little time to myself (kind of).  I jumped on the chance.

I saw a fantastic idea on Pinterest to put sheet metal on the back of the cabinet.  Genius!  I did just that and added fabric to the one behind the doors.

  I had these cute little magnetic tins from Ikea.  (I've only been there once and it was a while ago.  I need to go back.  Anyone want to accompany me?)  Anyway, I was happy I finally found a use for them. 

I also made a headband organizer by simply sewing loops from a strand of ribbon (also Pinterest).  It worked great and was super easy!

After Andy saw this he finally agreed that Pinterest could be a very good thing :o)

Saturday was my cute cousin Josie's wedding shower.  I contributed to a large gift along with several other family members but I wanted to give her a little something just from me too.  Can you guess where I went for inspiration?  That's right...Pinterest! 
There's so much subway art out there these days.  I thought it would be a fun, personalized gift so I went into Photoshop and created this...

I slipped it in a black frame, added some burlap and fabric flowers and voila!  I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. 

 I was especially excited to find out that it will match their living room and wedding reception colors well.  Yeah!

P.S.  It finally bloomed!


  1. I love your newly organized cupboard. Such a clever idea!
    Your shower gift is so classy--and your orchid is gorgeous!
    Okay, so Pinterest can be a good thing, but I'm still staying away! : )

  2. I am so impressed! You are motivating me! Now if I could only decide where to start... :-)