Friday, March 9, 2012

An Adventure

First, a Happy Birthday shout out to my cousin Sarah!  I hope you had a grand day!

On Wednesday, my mom, Matt, Ben and I went on a little adventure.  Ben had an appointment with his neurologist at Primary Children's in Salt Lake.  
We discussed the suggestions made by the Dr. in Chicago...mainly the Ketogenic Diet.  I told the Dr. that I was a bit concerned about some things.  Ben has been a picky eater pretty much forever.  He just recently has started eating some things that he would never touch before.  I'm afraid what putting him on the diet would do to that new found desire.  He's also recently started requesting certain foods with sign language.  That has been very exciting to see and I'm afraid if I have to start denying him those foods because they don't fit in the diet what that will do to his willingness to sign at meal time.  
Also, hospitalizing him for 3 days to start the diet would seem like a lot to go through if he doesn't take to it very well and we end up not being able to do it.
I was relieved when he said that he would have the nutritionist call us and help us set up some meals to try at home to see if Ben would tolerate them and if it would be worth hospitalizing him and starting the diet.
In the meantime, he gave us a prescription for yet another medicine to try...Ethosuximide.  Our hopes aren't high but we'll give it a whirl. 

After leaving the hospital, everyone humored me and we drove down to Sandy to find a place called Poppyseed Projects.  They sell unfinished wood things.  We picked up some fun things and then we headed for lunch.
Ever since Chick Fil A came to Logan, Matt has wanted to go.  He's a big chicken lover.  For some reason, we haven't made it there.  I think he had become resigned to the fact that he would have to wait for his birthday dinner (in October)...poor kid.  Well, I told him that if we could find one down in the area we could eat lunch there.  Luckily, we found one and he was completely happy.

Cleaning the picture.

Smelling the flowers.

Thanks for coming with us Grandma Jannie!

The day ended with another seizure.  He was completely exhausted afterward.

Precious Heart!


  1. What a fun day we had! So glad we found a Chick-Fil-A for Matt. He was a trooper.
    Bless that sweet little Ben

  2. Thanks Aimee! It looks like you had a fun trip :)