Thursday, March 22, 2012

flowers, flowers everywhere...

A couple of weeks ago I signed up to make cupcakes for our Relief Society (our church's organization for women) birthday party tonight.
Enter FLOWER #1 of the day.
I've wanted an excuse to try and make these (hydrangea cupcakes)...from Pinterest.
By the way, I wonder how many times I will mention Pinterest before everyone who reads this blog just rolls their eyes and stops reading because they're sick of hearing of Pinterest...(I know you won't Jenny:)
Here's the result:

Not as gorgeous as the original but they'll do.
(The ladies at my table tonight seemed surprised when I told them what they were supposed to be.  "Oh....yah.  Okay."  :o)

FLOWER #2 of the day.
It wasn't until late in the afternoon, with my cupcakes safely chilling in the fridge, that I stepped outside.
Oh Boy!

I was so thrilled to find these lovelies!

Two big clumps of daffodillies just a bloomin' away!
Spring has definitely sprung and I am so happy!  It's always been my favorite season because of the flowers and the rain...doesn't get any better.  Fall is a close second, then winter and summer last of all.  I'm just not a heat person...although, since I've had kids I'm beginning to appreciate the summer months more.

The last little FLOWER of the day (#3) was a gift from the R.S. Birthday party.
There was one at each place setting.

I've always loved these little orange and purple guys.  They just make me smile.  
(I traded the one that was in front of my plate for this one at another table.  Don't one was sitting there yet.  I felt okay about it.)

Flowers are amazing to me.  I love watching them grow and bloom.  I remember spending hours in my mom's flower garden and watching things change day by day.  I still get excited when I see something new popping up through the dirt or see a bud finally burst open.
Flowers...what an incredible creation.

Lilacs, hydrangeas, peonies, tulips, pansies...those are my favs.
What's your favorite flower?

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  1. I think Iris, lilacs and roses rate at the top for me. I love carnations, too, but I can't grow those.
    I think your cupcakes turned out really well. Maybe the women at your table aren't real familiar with hydrangeas. : )
    I'm jealous that your daffodils are blooming. What is wrong with mine?