Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Summary

Friday was Andy's mom's birthday.  Our family, along with Andy's parents and two brothers were able to get together for dinner.  We gathered at Macaroni Grill and had a very enjoyable evening.

Uncle Dan and Josh doing a little bit of math on the tablecloth.

Did you know that if you go to Macaroni Grill for your birthday they will sing "Happy Birthday" to you in Italian Opera?  Bless her brought a tear to Nancy's eye.

We love you Grandma Nancy!

Saturday morning the family packed up in the van and we drove a distance whereupon I jumped out and they left me on the side of the road to go and have breakfast without me.
You was my day to run 17 miles.  I had mapped out a route and planted a couple of bottles of liquid along the way.
It was such a beautiful run...starting out by the university, past the temple and through town and several small communities.  I have been dealing with some achilles tendonitis in both ankles for a few weeks.  However, I've been icing and trying to rest in preparation for this run.  I was feeling great the first many miles...a little pain but not more than I was used to over the last few weeks.  After their breakfast at IHOP, Andy and the kids drove by and cheered me on.  All was going well until about mile 14.  The pain in my left ankle started to increase a bit.  I powered through a little longer and then at mile 15.5 I just couldn't run any more.  The pain was too much.  I called Andy and told him I was going to walk the rest of the way and so I would be a little later than he had originally expected me.  About 30 seconds later I called him back and asked him to come get me.  I couldn't walk any more either.  Wow!  Something was really wrong.
After getting home and sitting down for a bit it was feeling a little better.  I thought I would get it checked out on Monday by either our physical therapist neighbor or our podiatrist neighbor.
Of course Sunday morning I woke up and it was worse.  I hobbled all around home and church and worried the whole time that I was making it worse.  
Our kind physical therapist neighbor came over last night and looked at it, gave me some suggestions and agreed that I should see our podiatrist neighbor today.
Josh had a follow up appointment with him anyway so it worked out just fine.  Josh is excited that he no longer need his crutches.  He was given permission today to be done with them.  Yeah!
Dr. C. looked at my ankle, asked me some questions and then gave me some things to do for two weeks.  If I'm still having pain at that point he'll do an X-ray.
I'm encouraged that at least the marathon is not out of the question like I was afraid I was going to be told.
It's a setback...that's all.  
So until I'm able to run again...

this is me :)

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  1. I'm glad there is still hope for your marathon, Aimee. You have worked so hard in your training. I thought only one ankle was troubling you. What is going on with the other one?