Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Things continue to go well for Josh and his foot.

The cast came off two days ago.  He's now in an ankle brace and a walking boot...although he's not supposed to walk on it yet.  In a couple of weeks he can start putting a bit of weight on it.  

Each day we are supposed to redress the wounds and put lotion on his rash that developed under the cast.  He scratches at it like crazy.
His foot is swollen and red.
When we took the wrappings off tonight we noticed the difference in his new foot vs. his old foot.
The pictures don't really do it justice, but believe me, the difference is amazing!

In these pictures it looks like the foot on the right is turned out...well...it is, but that's how he walks.  That's how he puts his left foot on the ground. Now, granted, his right foot was not as bad as his left is, but same idea.

Dr. Dad

Slowly but surely we're making progress.
And to think...we get to do this all over again in a few months.

Matt registered for Kindergarten today!  He's pretty excited.  He passed everything on the assessment except for writing his full name.  He does "matt" great, but wasn't sure about "matthew".  He was so eager to learn how to do it after we left.  He wanted to practice right away.  
He's so ready for school
Ben on the other hand, I don't think is ready for school.  Nor am I ready for him to go.  But go he must.  Although he will qualify for special ed preschool in June, I think I will keep him home until the school year starts and he can begin with the rest of his siblings.  I just want to keep him home with me as long as I can.
I think I'm going to have a really hard time putting him on the bus and also having my mornings childless and silent.  Truthfully, I'm sure I will find plenty of things to fill up those mornings (including volunteering in all the kids' classrooms) but I'm expecting it to be emotionally hard for a while.


  1. Wow--I can certainly see the difference in the feet. Can Josh lace up that brace by himself? When I had to wear one for a few weeks I got the straps stuck on everything except where they belonged!
    Oh, sending Ben will be a difficult thing, but Matt will be so happy to go!

  2. I can see how it would be hard to adjust to Ben being gone in the mornings. For both of you. But hopefully, the experience will stretch you both. :)