Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Top Ten

This will be a non picture post....sorry, I just didn't take any pictures today and I'm too lazy to go searching for appropriate ones.

I had some fun moments today and I thought I would share.
Unlike traditional top ten lists, these will be in no particular order.

1) making these from my Pinterest board...they were delectable

2) eating the above

3) going to a luncheon with friends to celebrate multiple birthdays

4) going to a second lunch with Mom and Chris G. at The Crepery...thanks ladies.

5) Having my brother James come and babysit for my lunch escapade and then having him fix my vacuum.
Thanks James!  You're great!

6) Delivering treats to friends.

7) Finding out that one of my best friends from my high school days almost bought the house next door.
(This was actually kind of a heart breaker.  How fun would that have been?!)

8) Super pucker lip smooches from Ben

9) realizing how extremely obedient Matt has been the last couple of weeks

10) Teaching Abby how to change Ben's diaper and get him in his jammies.
(It was kind of her idea and she was super willing!  Is she too young?  I don't know but I thought..."Hey, why not?"  It will take quite a while before she can handle it on her own so I guess it's a good thing we're starting now.)

okay...I have one more...

11) Having Andy tell me all about his lesson he will teach tomorrow in Seminary.
(I love hearing about his work.  I need to ask him about it more often.  Too much of the time we are consumed with so many other things when he gets home that we don't get much beyond a "How was your day?")

There you have it...some of the blessings I enjoyed today.


  1. And thanks to you and your mom for going to lunch with me! We really should do it more often.

  2. Oh my goodness! #1 is scary! I think I gained a pound just reading the recipe! I sure enjoyed #4. I'm glad James could help out on #5. Wish I had been there for #8. I've experienced #9 lately--wonderful! #10--could Abby teach Jo?
    #11 would probably benefit us all.
    Life is good!

  3. Ooooh, who almost moved in next door? Are you still in Nibley? And which school does your hubs teach seminary at? (I'm curious because one of my best friends from my years in Alaska is living in Logan and her hubs teaches seminary at Logan High.)