Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's So Easy Crafting Green

*In case I don't do another post before Sunday, I would like to wish a very special birthday to my dear sister Angie.  Love you Sis!

*I love Josh's perspective...
This evening after examining his foot he said, "My foot's doing pretty well except for the weakness, the wounds and the rash."

*I have been so excited to finish up a couple of St. Patty's Day projects so I could post them.
Come with me and I'll show you what's been going on in my craft corner...

For these first two projects I was inspired by Pinterest.  I'll show you the originals and then my own takes on them.

The Four Leaf Clover Tree

My version:

I think I do like the green frame on the original better than my white one, but I'm still enjoying my copy.

Shamrock Burlap Bunting

My version:

I decided since I used a book page on the last project I would use burlap on this one.  Also, I wasn't fond of the idea of cutting out a bunch of shamrocks from paper and so I decided to use this other cute idea from Pinterest to create them out of wool fun!
I absolutely love how this turned out!
Abby and I decided to use one green button amongst the mother of pearl ones for a little surprise.

While I was putting this together this afternoon, Matt and Ben were watching I Love Lucy's.  They got such a kick out of this part and Matt kept playing it over and over.  Their favorite was when Lucy kicks Ricky over and puts her hoof on him.  That really brought the laughs.
Ahhh...simple joys.

I also want to share a craft I did a year?...or was it two?, ago.
I really like Dana from the blog MADE.
She shared this super cute idea and I totally used it!

Split Pea Shamrocks

Here's mine:

Matt really wanted in on the pic.

In October I'll have to show you what I did with the same idea for Halloween.

So just a thought that has been going through my head the last little while...shamrocks and four leaf's never really bothered me before but these are two totally separate plants that we seem to use synonymously for St. Patrick's Day.  One has three leaves, one has four.  Maybe it's just me...I don't know, it's really not that big of a deal....but it kind of me.

Anyway, so I know I just got these projects put up today and in a couple of days I'll take them down to put up the spring decor, but hey, I'll enjoy them while they last.


  1. Both of your new projects are cute, but I do especially love the bunting! Your personal touches are very positive additions.
    Was Ben laughing at Fernando the Fearless? I can see Matt loving it.
    Oh, and I love Josh's wisdom. That is a glass half full outlook!

  2. Aimee, you such a naturally talented crafter! All of your projects are darling but I especially love your bunting! You could sew a collection of seasonal buntings for a christmas present next year and have such an incredible gift! You are "sew" talented! :-) love it!