Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Pat's Day

I tried to be a really "cool" mom for this holiday this year.  
We do have reasons to make this a special day in our family.  
My dad served an LDS mission to Ireland and now that I'm a Bryan...well, it's kind of in my kids' blood...literally.

I realized that all of my festivities had to do with food...for Easter I need to come up with mostly non-food ideas because by the end of the day I felt like I had eaten three Thanksgiving dinners.  It was pretty bad.

We started off with festive pancakes.  I got this great idea from my cute sister in law's blog.  She did this for Valentine's Day.

Next on the list was making cookies to deliver to friends.  Abby is a super helper in the kitchen. 

During Ben's nap time Abby and I watched this... (the boys were happily engaged elsewhere)

I had put a few potatoes in the oven to bake for potato soup that night.  They were kind of forgotten and when the movie was over and I wanted to start dinner I found them practically hollow from being baked so long.  

This was a fun Irish spud...too bad it didn't make it into the soup.
(Andy wisely suggested I use frozen hash browns as a replacement)

Here was our dinner.

This is what I grew up eating on St. Patrick's Day while we watched "The Quiet Man".
Hopefully soon my kids will be old enough to enjoy that one as well.  
(Bonus:  It doesn't have a scary Banshee)

After I had already stuffed myself, I had to have the treats I was feeding to the kids as well.

Green cookies and Shamrock floats (sprite and lime sherbet)
Also, here are the white flowers I bought on St. Pat's eve to have the leprechauns turn green over night...well, apparently it takes them a lot longer than 12 hours to turn things green.
The kids were convinced that we did have a leprechaun though.
Here is a list of things the naughty little man did:
1) turned Abby's trap around and took the gold.
2) flicked the lights on and off
3) brought something from downstairs and put it in Abby's room
4) tripped Josh on his crutches.

We ended the day with haircuts for all the boys.
Ben was the most cooperative :)

I hope your day was as green as ours!


  1. You are definitely a 'cool' mom! :) Hearing about the movies you watched reminds me of all the fun classic movies you would bring to our high school parties. I loved them, and started collecting a few that I remember from your collection when I was in college. I have 'The Bachelor Mother', 'Two Weeks with Love', 'The Major and the Minor', plus a few others. But I have been looking for years for 'Vivacious Lady' and it is nowhere to be found. :(

  2. It looked like St. Paddy's Day was a lot more fun at your house than at ours!
    Love the haircut photo--handsome little guy!
    You can let Ruth know that Vivacious Lady has never been released on DVD, to my knowledge. Ours was recorded from TV.