Monday, March 19, 2012

Precious Moments

Ben is such an affectionate little guy.  He's always wanting to give hugs and kisses and touch his index finger to yours (kind of an E.T. thing).
At bedtime, saying goodnight to everyone can take several minutes because of all of this.
A few months ago Ben added someone into our goodnight ritual...

Not every night, but often, after hugging and kissing everyone else, he will point to the picture of the Savior that we have hanging on our wall.  I will take him over and he will hug, kiss and put out his finger to the picture.  It is extremely precious and I absolutely love it every time he does it.
The other day, he put out his knuckles to the picture to "pound it".
ummmmm...I wasn't quite sure how to react to that one.  I ended up trying to have him give the picture another kiss instead.
Oh my innocent, precious little man!

Andy turned around the other day at breakfast and found this...

Thanks for capturing it with the camera hon!


  1. Oh, thanks for posting this Aimee! So precious!!

  2. Aimee, I am a blogger friend of your mom's, and she has kept me apprised of Ben. What a precious little gem God has placed in your care! I just wanted to jump in the picture and give him a big hug! Blessings and prayers to you!