Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Big Mistake

I've made a big mistake over the last month.
I have become a bit lax with Ben's helmet.
I have felt bad for him and so I haven't put it on as much around the house and just tried to keep him on the couch or somewhat safe sitting low to the ground.

Well, as most of you have probably already deduced, this has created a problem when he really needs to wear it.  He doesn't think he should have to.  He cries and throws a fit.
Honestly, he didn't even do that when he first started wearing a helmet.  That's just how things were and he amazingly accepted it.
It's my mistake and I am trying to correct it by enforcing the helmet more of the time now.  When he starts school later this month, he will have to wear it most of the time there and I don't want his teachers to have to deal with the tantrums that come from not wanting it on.

The other day, we put the helmet on and Ben got upset.  Andy went out to the garage and came back in with his bike helmet.  He put it on and sat down on the couch with Ben and played the iPad.
I love my husband!

Tonight, I had put the helmet on and he kept asking for it off (he signs "off").  What really gets to me is when he adds the "eeee" (please)  imploringly at the end.  I was strong and kept it on for a while.  Later in the evening, he wanted me to hold him so I picked him up and immediately he asked for me to take his helmet off.  I decided that since I was about to get him ready for bed I would just hold him until then.  So I took his helmet off.  He exhaled a big breath of relief, wrapped his little arms tightly around my neck, snuggled in and said "Mamie" (his name for me) sort of slow and lovingly.  It was a sweet little moment.


  1. You are an amazing Mom!!! I pray God's richest blessings for you and your family! (I agree, your mom is pretty special!)

  2. Hey! So I hope you don't mind that I blogged stalked you! Reading blogs is one of my favorite things to do... I guess I'm too nosy. :) I just wanted to say that you and your family are incredible. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help out. We want to be the kind of neighbors that Todd and Diane were to you. I understand your medication roller-coaster, I've been there too. ;) And holy cow! You are way crafty and make lots of cute things!