Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This is What Summer is Supposed to Be Like

Yesterday was another emotionally challenged day.  I felt so bad for my kids that they had to put up with a grumpy, blubbery mom for their first day of summer vacation.
The whole day I kept telling myself that I needed to make it better for my kids, but I couldn't make it happen.
Today however, I am happy to report, was a world of difference.

I talked to my kids about attitude yesterday (and felt like a hypocrite the whole time :).  We discussed how really, attitude effects everything else.  If we have a good attitude we are kind, obedient, thoughtful, honest, and the list goes on.  I suggested we make "Attitude" our word of the summer.  The kids agreed to try extra hard this summer to have a good attitude about things.  I promised that I would try harder too.
I also introduced the idea of an "Awesome Attitude Award".  Each night at dinner I will announce who earned the award for the day.  Maybe some days there will be no winner and possibly some days there will be multiple winners...it just depends on how awesome everyone's attitudes are that day :)

Today started out with tennis lessons, as every day (except Friday, Saturday, Sunday) for the first two weeks of summer will.  The kids are thrilled to be doing this.  They have all had their own rackets for at least a year now and they occasionally get out with Dad to practice their backhands.  Andy found out that a couple of his prize students taught lessons during the summer so we signed them up.
Pictures to come...Ben has been keeping me pretty busy at the playground that is close by.  Luckily, the stairs to the slide (where I spend most of my time)  face the court and so I am able to spy a bit from a distance.
Today, Ben kept face planting and so I'd pick him up and try and shake out all the sand that had collected in his helmet.  As I feared, one of those face plants turned into a full blown tonic clonic.  Not having a watch, I went to another mother, whom I had just met minutes earlier, and asked her to time it for me.  It lasted just about a minute and a half but led to a 30 minute discussion with the mother.  We shared out troubles with each other while our kids played tennis in the background.  It was nice to talk.

The kids' attitudes, for the most part, were Awesome today!  It made for a pleasant morning and afternoon.  After jobs and practicing were done, we headed downstairs and they played!  It was amazing, there was no t.v. on, no computer and they chose a toy to play with and they happily played together for an extended period of time.  I played with Ben on the floor, but eventually went over to my craft corner and Abby took my spot with Ben.  As I sewed I heard happy giggling, make believe talk and book reading.  I sat there and thought..."this is what summer is supposed to be like".
All the happy play ended with a staring seizure though.  Luckily, as he was coming out of it and wanting to fall asleep (we hadn't had lunch yet) Elmo was just starting and so I was able to entice him to stay awake and eat lunch.
Mom came over in the evening to help since Andy was out of town for the night.  I really love my mom!  She was extremely helpful with housework and taking care of Ben.  It was a pleasure to have her in our home for a few hours tonight.
Josh lost a tooth, I didn't have to make any big meal for dinner since my meat eater was gone, it rained, and the kids got to bed at a splendid hour allowing me to do the things I needed and wanted to do.

This was a long, wordy and pictureless post.
I promise to do better next time.
I just had to get my thoughts down
and you happen to be the lucky audience :)

p.s.  I am praying for a miracle...literally.  Yesterday, my left knee started to really hurt...and has continued to hurt today.  This kind of pain has only ever happened to me before on a run.  But I hadn't been running...just walking around the house.  
Seriously?  The week of? (only four days left)
I'm afraid of what will happen when I try and run.
I'm hoping my faith is just being tested and the Lord will set things right by Saturday morning...but if not, come what may and love it right?

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  1. Aimee - that knee had better not act up on Saturday. Will be thinking of you and waiting to hear the details. Sand in the helmet sounds like no fun at all.