Thursday, November 1, 2012

More Birthday Celebrations

On Abby's actual birthday...

Pretty excited about a new set of scriptures!

I used some leftover cupcakes from Abby's party to take to our celebration at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

The day after Abby's birthday is my youngest brother's birthday.  We usually celebrate the two together which neither of them seem to mind too much.  This is my brother's gift...he's really into gentlemanly things.  The grey notebook is from Vinylicious.  I found their cute booth at Swiss Days back here.  I think I found the duct tape at either Michael's or JoAnn's and the stickers and bottlecaps were at Hobby Lobby.  I turned the bottlecaps into magnets and put a black felt mustache on a gift bag.  I think he enjoyed it :)

I gave Abby some jammies with matching ones for her doll.

Mom collects matryoshka dolls.  She has a ton of them and she has graciously chosen a few with which the kids can play.  Ben loves to get them out and line them up.

Abby with Grandma "O."

The next day Grandpa and Grandma Bryan came to celebrate.  She was given a special doll in honor of her upcoming baptism.  Then we went to Abby's dinner choice...Chuckarama.  The kids were in heaven :)

Love it!
 Abs!  I love you to pieces!
You are a sweet girl!
I love how you are so good with Ben and how you love playing with him.  He obviously enjoys your companionship as well.  I love your talent as an artist.  From a very early age you had an inclination toward art.   I love your sweet smile.  I love how you sing and dance along with your music.  I love that you're so girly!  I love how you're friendly and kind to your peers.
Bless you sweetie!

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  1. Abby is a sweetheart. I'm glad she had a fun birthday with lots of celebrating. Love all of the photos of the kids!