Thursday, March 21, 2013


 I've had some odds and ends things that I've made lately that I wanted to post.

Here's another one of Jen Gidden's pleated totes.
I just love this pattern!
I think this may be my favorite fabric combo yet.

Why did I use my washing machine for a hanger?
I guess it must have been handy at the time.

The women's group at our church had a big dinner to celebrate the organization's anniversary tonight.
I was excited to get on photoshop and design an invitation for the event...

And last but not least I've been dabbling in some more chalk art.

Inspired by Pinterest of course.  I love the look of a wreath hanging in front of a frame.  I was going to put a mirror in the frame but found it to be too expensive to have one cut to a custom size.
How much easier to fill it with a chalkboard and much more fun to decorate :)
I bought this frame from Hobby Lobby.  It was black but I wanted it to stand out a little more against the shelf that our neighbor built so I spray painted it a creamy white.
The "B" is for Bryan of course and the quote around the wreath says "Whatever you are be a good one" - Abe Lincoln.  I've loved that quote for a long time and have always wanted to put it up in my home somewhere.
I couldn't quite decide what to do with the background...and am still not completely happy with it so I might change that up when I get a better idea.
Fun Fun!!
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  1. You are a creative one, my dear.
    That is a great fabric combo on the bag. And you made a lovely invitation.
    I hear about chalk art a lot lately, but I had been totally in the dark about it until you did it for Josie's baby shower. Where have I been?

  2. You can do everything! And it all looks great! :)

  3. Great job Aimee... Love the chalk... and you did great on that purse/bag!!