Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Happenings

Wow have I fallen behind on things here.  
I will attempt to catch up on the little things from the last couple of weeks.

Five people, two iPads.  I was "resting".

Andy prepared a fun, old fashioned family game night to try and give our kids some ideas of what they can do besides technology :)

The paper bag game...

 Here are some of my St. Patty's Day decorations...

 One night when I got Ben ready for bed I accidentally put both legs in one of his jammy legs.  I didn't notice it until a while later when I walked past him and he was in this pose.  He didn't seem to mind :)

 I attended a lunch for a sweet friend who was moving out of the neighborhood.  My two amazing quilting, neighbor friends and I put this quilt together for her and had all the ladies sign it.

Speckled, Peanut Butter, Easter  M&Ms...they didn't last long in my house!  Who was I fooling when I told myself I was buying them for the kids' Easter baskets?

Josh had his Space Derby with the scouts.  Why didn't I get a picture of his rocket?  He painted it like a hot dog.  It was pretty cute :)

 Ben was going crazy running around in the gymn.  Luckily, some super sweet girls tried to corral him in and play with him.

 For Christmas, Matt was given a "Grow a Frog" kit.  It came with the home, food and rocks and we had to send in for the actual tadpole.  They don't send it out until the temperatures are warm enough in your area so that it will survive the shipping process.  Luckily, spring came on time this year so we received this in the mail last week.  It is clearly marked to not be placed in the mailbox, yet that is where we found it :(
When we opened the package, the tadpole was dead.  It was kind of traumatic but Matt said it was probably a good thing since the food and the rocks were no where to be found.
I called the company and they immediately sent another one out.
 That one came in the mail(box) yesterday.  I opened it in private so as to avoid another disappointment.
It was alive!
We did some super searching and found the food and rocks...however, we are still missing the lid to the little house...but so far so good.  He continues to swim around and act happy.

He's a see through frog - always will be so you can see his organs and stuff.  The dead one was kind of icky looking but when they're alive they look pretty nifty.
Another couple of good things about this frog is that it will always live in water...so it won't be hopping all around the house.  Also, once it's fully developed, you no longer need to feed it.  Amazing!  The perfect pet :)

Since St. Patty's Day was on a Sunday this year I had to make sure that the boys all had green ties.
A few weeks ago I bought one for Ben and then kind of forgot about the other two.  I knew we had at least one somewhere down in the boys' room.  Well, luckily, the night before, I discovered we had two stashed away in their closet...one had to be fixed but it was green :)

On the way to church I told the boys I wanted to get a picture of them in their green ties when we got home and not to change until I had.
I walked in the door with Ben 3 hours later and Josh and Matt had already started changing.  Matt willingly got back in his clothes (sans pants) and I snapped a couple of these two while Josh go dressed in...

...this ensemble!  Lovely!
Andy had a meeting after church or else he would have been in the pictures with his green tie too.

Sunday night we did a little chocolate coin hunt at Mom and Dad's house after dinner.

My children all still strongly believe in leprechauns as the following pictures will prove... 
They were working awfully hard Sunday afternoon down in the boys' room.  This is what I found that night when I went down to tuck them in that night...
"Our Motto:  Be nice to leprechauns no matter what!"

"If you can use magic so we can't hear you, can you do that?  We are going to be sleeping when you read this message, and we really need our sleep for tomorrow.  Thank you!  Abby and Josh Bryan  p.s. we are trying to be nice to leprechauns.  We don't want to trap you so enjoy yourselves at these stations we have set up.  We worked really hard on them."

 These two notes were found in their doorway...and this is what the rest of the room looked like.

"For any leprechaun who visits the station of Joshua Bryan - Welcome"                                                                  "Food inside - for $15 or one ounce of gold"                                                            

"Money drop"     "A note of Thanks - Write how you're thankful for it"                                                                           "Compliments - more space on back - "Please leave a line empty so I can reply and you can see my replies next year!  There is a pen."

 I love my  kids!

 ...and I love it when Ben wraps his arms around me when he sleeps.


  1. So many cute pics and fun things here, but the leprechaun stuff and that last picture are worth...$15 or one ounce of gold!! : ) Love it!

  2. Your kids are great! And the tadpole does seem like the perfect pet...maybe I could convince Chase to get one for Lauren. Your St. Patty's Day banner is really cute too!

  3. Aw cute. I did notice an impressive amount of green on Sunday. I love Ben's smile in the tie picture.