Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter 2013

This won't be a really thrilling post...just a record for me.

It was a bit of a challenge trying to find non food items for Ben's basket but I managed :)

Friday night, the night before I put the baskets out, I brought up the fact that the Easter Bunny was not real.  Andy and I had talked about it and we had decided we wanted them to know...to help them focus on what Easter is really about.
They were okay with it.  Abby said she already kind of knew.
Fast forward a few days...we were visiting Andy's parents and the kids were off playing with their cousins.
I don't know why it never occurred to me to mention to the kids that they didn't need to talk to anyone else about what I had told them, but it didn't.
Apparently they told their cousins all about it...whoops!  I felt so bad :(

Blurry pictures ahead..., but they are the only ones of our indoor Easter egg hunt.
 I didn't know what to do about Ben.  I wanted him to join in the fun of hunting but was so worried he'd get into the candy and it would be a big problem.  In the end, Andy kept him occupied upstairs.  If I would have thought ahead, I would have marked some special eggs for him (so the older kids would know to leave them alone) that had little trinkets and toys inside.  I'll have to remember that for next year.

Sunday we had a very nice day at church.  I got to substitute in Ben's primary class.  He's struggling with the transition from nursery and so I've been spending a lot of time with him in class anyway....might as well be a substitute :)

After church we drove to Andy's parents' home and spent a couple of days with them since it was our spring break.
More on that next time.

p.s.  I kind of became obsessed with the limited edition white chocolate carrot cake M&Ms over the holiday.
Did you try them?


  1. With Ben's special diet I'm sure you are painfully aware of how many of our traditions revolve around food.
    Looks like the kids loved the egg hunt.
    White chocolate carrot cake M&Ms? Didn't even see them!

  2. Cute Amy! I still love your Easter baskets. I need to make some for my kids next year because the cheap ones I've purchased are dying. I don't care for the Easter Bunny idea either. I let them think it if they want to but don't over play it either. Paige knows and it won't be long before the others do too.

  3. Janet, the reason you didn't even see them is because they flew off the shelves and Aimee got the last two bags!! Maybe next year, ehh.

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  5. Aimee,pretty baskets! It looks like you had a great Easter. Good plan to not let the bunny hijack the resurrection ;).