Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Break Summary

Easter Evening we drove to Andy's parents' home to spend a couple of our spring break days there.
  The kids played hard, Grandma made a fun April Fool's Day breakfast (pancake pizzas and cheeseburgers), we had an awesome thunderstorm on Monday, did some serious shopping for warm weather clothes and then Tuesday morning we had a layer of snow on the ground :)

Tuesday, on our way home, Grandpa and Grandma accompanied us to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum in Salt Lake.
We got there 45 minutes before it closed...we had just enough time to see and do everything we wanted.  It was perfect!

This was my favorite part...the kids in the hurricane simulator.
We weren't sure if Ben would like it or not...just check out those smiles!

Thursday we had planned on going to "Baby Animal Days" at the historical farm.  We drove the few minutes to the farm and turned right around and came home.
I could not believe the crowds!
They were parking cars in all kinds of fields and outlying areas.  I had never seen it so crowded.
We figured it was extra busy since of the three days this event was taking place, Thursday was the only day that it wasn't supposed to rain.
The kids were disappointed of course so we tried to think of something else to do.
We couldn't all agree on one thing so we ended up coming home and having a Family Mario Kart Fest for 45 minutes.
The next three weeks the farm is open on Saturdays without all the extra hoopla that they do for "Baby Animal Days".  We told the kids we'd go see the animals soon.
Apparently though, Ben had understood that he was going to see some ducks because when we pulled into our garage he started whimpering, making his duck sound and saying "pea" (please).  It was so sad.
So...Andy brought him inside and showed him some videos of ducklings on his phone.
Everyone enjoyed it :)

playing peek a boo

Our spring break was book ended by two wonderful weekends...Easter and then General Conference!
My cute Josh sat through all four sessions (8 hours) and took notes on the computer.
He wanted to be well prepared for Grandma's quiz Sunday evening.
Sunday morning was my favorite session.  I had been hoping for some guidance and inspiration on how to be a better mother.  There were many wonderful thoughts on the topic and it will be a great opportunity to study these Divinely inspired words over the next few months.

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  1. Aimee, I can't believe how your posts play hide 'n seek with me. Another one I never saw. Some great pics here. I love to enlarge and scroll through them and see all of the bright, shining faces! : )