Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tripping through the Tulips

I have become woefully behind on this blog the last couple of weeks.
There is much more to post, but since it is getting late I will just leave you with some pictures of our spring flowers and hopefully post more tomorrow.

It's not quite the display I was envisioning when I planted my 700+ bulbs last fall.
Two things happened which I did not expect...
First of all, to my great surprise, I had a bunch of my old bulbs come back.  I thought I had dug them all up!  At first I wondered if the company had sent the wrong colors but then realized that I just must have missed some (a ton) of them when I went digging.
So, mixed in with my pretty purple and orange were lots of whites, some yellows and reds.
Secondly, you might remember I bought two different groups of tulips; the orange and purple were early bloomers and the pink and red were late bloomers.  Well, they weren't late enough.  There was quite a bit of overlap.  So, we had purple, orange, yellow, red, white, and pink tulips all at the same time...not what I was hoping for :)
Also, something I did expect that added to a not so great look, was that after years of the same bulbs, they multiply so much and you get great big clumps of blooms.  Starting with new bulbs this year I knew the groupings would be much smaller and have less of an impact.

They're still beautiful flowers though and maybe in three years I can show you a picture that is closer to what I originally envisioned.


  1. I absolutely love your flowers! I wish I had flower beds like yours!

  2. I thought all those beautiful colors were intentional. Your flowers are beautiful.

  3. I've been clicking backward on your posts and I can't believe how many I have not seen. Why aren't they showing up on my dashboard??
    I think the flowers look great. I have always loved a mix of colors splashed together. Just like I have a hard time making a 2 color quilt, I have a hard time limiting my flower colors, too. : )