Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Shop Hop and the Fire Pit

Here are a couple of fun moments from last week...

My in laws and Andy's aunt and uncle came to town for the first two stops in the 2013 On the Trail Shop Hop.  I was excited to be able to join them as all the kids were in school.
It was so fun to see them and enjoy a short time with them before they scurried on up to Idaho.

At one of the shops they had a small snack for the drivers (the men).
Merill and Lance were happy to sit out front and chew on something while the women shopped :)

I wish I would have gotten a picture of the gals :(

 This is the load I brought home.

 Aren't these pretty/cute?

Super cute owl line.

 For those that are unaware, I am a big bee enthusiast!

 Each shop had a charm to add to a bracelet.  I loved that ours had the bee!

Some fat quarters to add to my patriotic stash.

Such a fun morning!

That night, we christened our new fire pit in our back yard.
Andy worked hard and made a beautiful little area.
We cooked dinner over the fire once we got it stable (it was kind of windy).
We haven't done a lot of camping since Ben was born so it was fun to gather around a smokey fire and drink in the beauty around us....even if it was just our backyard beauty :)

 I think I was trying to take a picture right as Ben fell to the ground and started seizing... I held him as he fell asleep after the seizure ended and continued to take pictures...

 After a little bit Ben began to shiver so I took him inside.

 The family made and brought a nice, ooey gooey s'more to me.

Hopefully we will use our fun, new fire pit many times throughout the summer!


  1. I'm jealous of your awesome fire pit!

  2. I was thinking it's about time for us to invest in a fire pit too. I love roasted marshmallows but sleeping in the tent I'll skip. :) And your fabric is adorable!

  3. That fire pit is awesome! I love to sit out by the fire ans make s'mores! Sounds like great fun!

  4. I think your posts are dropping into a black hole when they see me coming. I can't believe I missed another one! Are there more?
    Your fire pit is wonderful! As much as I love sitting around campfires, I wish we had one, too. But then, the mosquitos here would keep us from enjoying it.
    Bless Ben's heart!