Friday, May 10, 2013

Josh's Notable Nights

Josh has had a couple of significant events in the last week. 

Josh participates in a school enrichment program.
For the last few months they have been working on a project researching a notable person of their choosing.  Josh chose Thomas Edison.
Several small writing projects were required and it all culminated in an evening where they presented a biographical poem.

 He did a great job!
 It was somewhat of a relief for both Josh and I to have it all over with as it had been a source of stress in our home the last few weeks :)

Last night he had his second orchestra concert.
I'm so proud of him for completing a school year of orchestra.

He's trying to decide if he wants to try out to be an ambassador for next year.
This is a more elite group that has extra practices and music to learn and goes on a neat field trip at the end of the year.
Although I would not be excited about driving up to the university each Saturday morning for practice, I think it would be a wonderful experience for him and have been encouraging him to go for it.

Well done Josh!


  1. Well done, indeed! I am so proud of him for all he has accomplished. What a guy!!

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