Monday, May 13, 2013

Double Digits

Josh turned the big 1-0 last week.

The day before his birthday Andy's parents came up.
We celebrated by going to lunch at Pizza Pie Cafe...

...and then going to Josh's soccer game.

Sunday morning Josh was anxious to open his gifts.  I made them all get ready for church first.
Josh is pretty into "Skylanders" right now.  He had asked for "Whamshell" which he said was pretty rare.  Thus, I was thrilled to find it and win it on Ebay.  I hadn't bid on Ebay for years and was worried my timing would be off and I would lose it to an expert Ebayer.
Wahoo!  I got it!
Josh was pretty excited when he opened it :)

We went to my parents' home that evening for dinner and a celebration.
I know this post is about Josh but I loved these pictures of Ben with his great grandmas.

He got a kick out of stealing Grandma Kidd's glasses.

 Happy Birthday to You!

Blurry self portraits :)

Josh and Matt sat down at the piano and played a "duet" (Josh played one of his pieces and Matt kind of just improvised along with him).

Special Birthday Boy!

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  1. Love Matt's tie, Ben's glasses, and Josh's self portraits.
    I am really out of it--what is Whamshell?