Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Annoying Adenoids

So remember this back here?
I never felt like Matt's breathing improved so I took him back in to the ENT office for another look.
They sent us over to the hospital for a CT scan and then we went back over to the office to look at it.

 The doctor said everything looked good except for a large adenoid right behind his nose.
I told him he had had his adenoids out in the fall.
His response was, "Well, they grew back".  
I had no idea this was possible!
He said if we wanted, he would be happy to remove them again without charge...if it were his grandson he would take them out again.
Surprisingly, Matt was not too resistant.
He had fought me about going back to the doctor in the first place so I was sure he would throw a fit about another surgery.
We made sure he knew this would not be nearly as bad as the last one since we weren't dealing with tonsils and he agreed to have it done - such a blessing!

 Before surgery

 They let me watch this one!  They took me to a little room with a t.v. and a phone where I could watch and talk back and forth with the doctors and nurses during the procedure.
It was really interesting and.......weird :)
I made sure I recorded what I could with my phone so I could show it to anyone who wanted to see it later.  It only took about 10 or 15 minutes total...pretty slick.

Take a peek if it won't bother you...

This is Matt's upside down mouth.  (Before I realized it was upside down I couldn't figure out what the fleshy chord was that you see coming down over his teeth.  Once Andy pointed the orientation out to me I realized it must be his uvula-----every time I hear or say that word it makes me think of this.)
Anyway, the doctor said they came back with a vengeance...the two red arrows are pointing to the recurring adenoids...pretty big!

Poor little guy :(  He came back pretty sleepy.  He was ready to get out of there though so he drank some liquids and walked around not too long after he came back to the recovery room.
The same nurse that had taken care of us after Josh's nose surgery, the one that had been Josh's preschool teacher helped us again.  She's a sweetie!

I loved the bee wrapping they put on his IV spot :)

There's a smile :)
Something that was so fun throughout this experience was that everyone kept telling Matt what a cutie he is.  The first nurse told him how cute he was in the beginning and then later on she looked at him and said, "You are so cute I can't even believe it!  I'm not even kidding!"
Then the doctor, the anesthesiologist, and several other nurses said the same thing.
I counted about 7 or 8 instances that the "you are so cute" phrase was used during our stay.
He just grinned each time which only made him even cuter :)

Matt has recovered very well.  That night he was out throwing the baseball around with Andy.  He took some Ibuprofen a couple of times when it was hurting mildly...but nothing like last time.
Tonight while he was reading to me I noticed that he was still blowing air out through his nose in short bursts like he did pre-surgery (I'm wondering if it might just be habit at this point) but he doesn't sound like he's congested any more.  He says he can tell a difference in his breathing so I'm happy about that.
The doctor says that Matt's old enough now that they shouldn't grow back again, but you can be sure I'm going to be keeping a close eye on them :)


  1. This just seemed so bizarre to me--and what a trooper! Everyone is right--he is so cute!