Monday, May 27, 2013

Wrapping it Up!

Soccer is officially over :)
It will be nice to have our Saturdays back, but it sure was good for each of the kids for many different reasons.

Matt's team never got together for a picture... but here are the other two.

(The difference between the two poses cracks me up :)

The end of the school year = school programs.

Matt had his kindergarten program and sang and danced his little heart out...

 Josh had his 4th grade Utah program and sang and danced his little heart out...

 I love this natural picture of him.  Such a handsome guy!

 Awesome teacher...Mr. G.

sorry for the blurry zoom

I really enjoy these cute programs but I just wish my camera would zoom a little more.
I recently ordered some detachable lenses to go on my phone and I hope they will make a significant difference :)

The final Reading Counts assembly was on Friday.  Abby came out as an "Iditarod Champion" and Josh as a "Hot Dog".  Josh was the first of three Hot Dogs this year to earn 1000 points.  Abby was among the small percentage of the school to make it to 500 points.  "The thing is" (that's totally an Abby phrase :) Abby's reading more now that the program is over than when she was earning points.  She recently discovered The Boxcar Children, a series that I enjoyed when I was her age, and is zipping through books like never before.

Abby was kind of hard to get to behind that wall...
 All the Iditarod champions (and higher) did a song/chant at the beginning of the assembly.  Of course my two children were on opposite ends of the stage so I did a little racing around trying to get close up pics of them both.  I felt like a dork scooting around on the floor trying to stay out of everyone's way...the things we do for our kids :)

I love Abby's facial expressions!
She's always got some good ones :)

Abby's teacher was pretty proud that two of the three Hot Dogs were in her second grade class and that the third was a sibling of one of her students :)
Matt was proud of his Pokemon card :)  (Next year he'll be right there with his own award).
Way to go guys!

So proud of them both!


  1. Way to go!!! Give all the kiddos a hug for me!! I LOVED the Box Car Children!! They are a timeless classic!


  2. Such a hectic time of year, isn't it?
    Wish I had seen Matt's program--and Josh's other program. He has been one busy guy!
    Congrats to them all!

  3. Abby's facial expressions are adorable!! Such cuties!