Monday, June 3, 2013

In Memory...

This Memorial Day was a little more poignant for me than usual.
Less than two weeks before the holiday the passing of two different people hit close to home.

Ben's primary teacher, a sweet woman in our ward, died tragically leaving behind her husband and three boys.  It was a shock and there has been much grieving and sadness in our little neighborhood.

The "bouquet" that Ben's primary class put together for their teacher.

The day after her funeral, I heard news that a little girl, just three weeks younger than Ben had lost her battle with Dravet Syndrome.  That was tough to hear.
I can't imagine the ache that these families must be feeling.
Even with faith, and knowing that through the Atonement of our Savior, they will be with their loved ones again, it still hurts...terribly I am sure!

So, with these two, dear daughters of God in my heart, I was blessed, as always, to spend Memorial Day with my sweet family.

We visited a couple of different cemeteries and then had a pleasant picnic in the park.
(My apologies to my non-relative readers who might not find this many pictures entertaining :)


There was a large bobble head like dog on one of the graves that Ben just loved.  He and Andy sat there forever looking at it :)
Kind of scary looking eyes!

The Crew



The traditional Frisbee Golf game.

The ice cream truck made an appearance at the park!

The next morning I was able to make a solitary trip up to visit the grave of my "Grandpa O."
It was raining and it was perfect!

My pink lilac was blooming just in time for Memorial Day.


  1. I love the pictures!! And I'm pretty sure I need a start from your lilacs when you prune.

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  3. Be still my heart. This was a tender Memorial month of May wasn't it? Love ya Aimee!

  4. Oh Aimee, I LOVED these photos and the tradition that your family celebrates! What special memories for your kids to share with their families!