Thursday, June 27, 2013

Banners for Ben!

My good friend and neighbor suggested I sell my buntings/banners/flags/pennants at our community's Heritage Day celebration to raise more money for Ben's fund of Hope {scroll down a little to see Ben's}...(Dravet Syndrome Research).
The idea came to her a week and a half before the event so....we gathered some other friends and enlisted the help of their teenage daughters and worked day and night until we had

28 of these...

  8 of these...

and 17 of these...

It was super fun as well as a bit stressful :)

Here are some pictures of the process...


 The kids loved it!  They ran rampant for the week...back and forth between houses, playing in water, riding bikes, building a tree house and watching movies.  I had awesome help with babysitting :)  Ben started summer preschool that week and so I was able to focus on the project a little more in the mornings.
Bless Andy's heart...he took care of dinner, entertained the kids and got them to bed for the most part each night.

For the booth I gathered lots of my decorations from home and made some chalkboards.  I bought and old door and a couple of windows for display purposes.
Dad came and set up his canopy for me :)

Trina made a ton of cute cleaning scrubbies to sell.

LaReen made a super cute watermelon quilt to raffle off.  I don't know when she found the time to do that during the week :)

Wow!  What a learning experience!
I have gained a new perspective of people that sit in booths and try and sell their wares.
I so appreciated the people that actually came in and looked around.  There were a couple of people that, even though they didn't buy anything, made really nice comments about how much they liked the banners.
To me and my self esteem, that was almost as good as them buying one...just to know that they liked what we had made. (As I walked around to see the rest of the booths towards they end I made an extra effort to look and talk and buy...some small things :)

We didn't sell too many and I think all the ones we did sell were to people we knew :) was fun!
And, we have thought of some other avenues to try and sell them.
I was worried that after all the supplies I bought we wouldn't have much of a profit, but thanks to some kind people and LaReen gathering some donations, we actually did make some money!

Thanks so much to all who helped!


  1. Wow, that was quite the production. I didn't realize you had such an assembly line going. Wish I could have helped.
    I was just thinking this evening that I need a patriotic banner at my house. Can I get one tomorrow?