Friday, June 28, 2013

Hula Hula!

Abby's been taking hula lessons for almost four years now.  
She does a lovely job and it's so fun to watch her perform.

They had their yearly recital last week...

sorry for the blurry pics...

The woman that makes all of the costumes made some doll size dresses to sell.
I see a birthday or Christmas present for the future.

 After it was over the kids got up on stage and Ben favored us with his own hula moves.
Ha!  It was so adorable :)
He surprised us by watching almost the whole recital on Bapa's lap.  After each number he signed "more" and raised his eyebrows at us.  I was so amazed that he was content just watching.  He tried to copy the dancers by waving his arms around as he watched.

Abby and her teacher.


  1. Beautiful Hula dancer. It was a fun evening. Loved the photos of everyone on the stage afterward. : )

  2. She is beautiful! I was sad Bree didn't dance this year.