Monday, July 15, 2013

July the Fourth

It's rare for us to be at home on the fourth of July so we usually try and make a gathering out of it when we are.  Mom and Dad and my brothers came over for a bar-b-q and fireworks.

 My 3 favorite moments of the night:

1)  Ben saying "Yeehaw!" after each explosion.
2) When Ben and I were inside and we heard one of those screechy, loud rocket things and Ben signed "cry" and said, "Ma (for Matt)"?  No disrespect to Matt, but this was so funny because it really did sound like his really upset cry :)
3)  When the boys came in from seeing all the fireworks in our yard and around the neighborhood and started debating which holiday was better, July 4th or Christmas!  It was so cute to listen to them.  They really couldn't decide.  They compared the good points of each as they went down to their bedroom to get ready for bed.

I'm doing a really good job of imitating Ben's excited pose :)

It was such a pleasant and festive evening!

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