Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our Summer Vacation 2013 (Days 1,2 & 3)

* WARNING: long post with lots of pictures*

 Months ago, we as a family, decided we would like to go to Yellowstone this summer for our vacation.
We planned this trip alongside another small trip up to Idaho Falls for Andy's sister's baby's blessing/the Bryan family reunion.
We started out at Lava Hot Springs.
We got a late start from home that day so by the time we got to LHS it was too late to go to the resort so we watched people float down the river.  Ben would have jumped in had we not had a firm grip on him.

There was another swimming spot close by and so Andy took the kids in so they wouldn't be too disappointed about not getting to go to the resort.

 Here they just spotted their long lost Tennessee cousins :)

 I did my best to keep Ben happy outside of the water but to no avail.  Finally I ran back to the car and grabbed a swimmer for him and Andy was kind enough to keep track of him.
You see, we can't let go of Ben for a second at a swimming pool.  Andy's parents were going to take him for a drive while we went to LHS so we wouldn't have to worry about him but once he sees water there's no going back :)

After swimming for a bit we went to see the musical "Who Shot Juanito Bandito" at the Mystique Theater.

It was very entertaining...even the kids enjoyed it.

That night we stayed in my brother and sister in law's beautiful  new fun!
The next day everyone's plans were very scattered but there was a small group of us that drove up North a bit to go to Big Judd's (they have monster hamburgers) but we were a bit late for our reservation and the place was packed.  So, we found a fun frozen custard place.  I stayed in the car to try and feed Ben while everyone went in.  My mother in law spelled me after a bit so I could go eat.  Poor Ben.  He was stuck in the car so much.

After eating we went to visit Andy's alma mater - BYU Idaho (a.k.a. Rick's College).

He loves this place.  His dream would be to teach religion here.

They have a beautiful garden area.

Back at the ranch...Jenny and Mike had some fun vehicles to try out in their fields.  The kids were in heaven!

It didn't surprise me at all that Matt got right on this little bike, but apparently Josh also enjoyed a couple of solo rides!  We were so pleased to hear that they both had that experience :)
Ben's vehicle :) 
Cute cousins

Ben wrangled many relatives into playing "Duck, Duck, Goose",
or as he calls it "Bah, Bah, Ooh".
They were all good sports.

 Ben and baby Carter.
Ben loved Carter.
  He was so sweet with him and even, unprompted, mentioned him in his evening prayer.

On Sunday, little Carter was blessed.
Here are the boys ready to go to church.

After church we relaxed and had good conversation.
Ben and his cousin Chase
Ben telling Dad to go to sleep

More "Duck Duck Goose"

blurry but I loved the shot :)

That evening, Mike's sister took family pictures at a nearby park.
Ben was quite the handful trying to keep him away from the water where all the other kids were playing.  I feel like such a mean mom sometimes.

Here are some that we got of just the grandkids...

It was a long but lovely day.
Good night boys!

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  1. What fun adventures for the kids--as a Mom, I am tired just reading this.
    Love the shot of Ben with baby Carter.
    So many good shots of the kids--and Andy, too. Hand him the camera now and then to prove you were there. : )