Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Birthday in Pictures{...and some words}

We celebrated my birthday with my family on Easter...just a couple of days early.

I love the cute bee fabric my sister gave me :)!

Speaking of my sister....I knew she was coming into town.  She was in the area for her husband's grandma's funeral but I didn't think I would see her until Tuesday so it was such a fun surprise to arrive at Mom and Dad's on Sunday and have her there and able to celebrate with us.

The day of my birthday, Abby made my breakfast and surprised me with it when I woke up.  Toast with coconut oil :)  She had checked the day before to make sure that's what I liked on my toast.
Bless her!

My sister had given me this gorgeous orchid on Sunday and I love how it brightens up our kitchen.

Andy teaches early morning seminary right now so he zoomed home on an early prep hour and brought me another breakfast (he was unaware of Abby's efforts) and a lovely bouquet.

After everyone was off to school I felt like going outside on the lovely overcast day and taking pictures of my garden.

Matt had found this nest several days before and told me there were four eggs in it.  He must have climbed the tree to see inside because even standing on my tippy toes I couldn't see in.  So, I just held my phone up as high as I could and snapped several shots hoping I would get a good one.  It was so fun to see these four, perfect, amazingly beautiful blue, robin's eggs snuggled up inside.
Side Note:  I have a fear of birds...always have, I don't know why.  As I approached the nest, mother bird flew to the fence a few feet away.  She sure was letting me know she wasn't happy with me as I stood there invading her space.  She and father bird were just a chirpin' and fluttering around and I feared for my life!!!  I was ducking and covering my head worried I would be pecked to death.  As soon as I was satisfied with my pictures I ran away :)

Love my candy striped creeping phlox.

After enjoying my garden and welcoming Ben home from school, I took some time to read and finish off the wonderful Razzleberry pie that my mom had made on Sunday.

When the kids were all done with school, my in laws came and Nancy took me shopping at the nursery for my gift.  I had wanted a little, ornamental tree to go in our quarter circle bed next to our front door.  We had tried 2 Japanese Maples there but I guess that are is just not cut out for those so I wanted to try a blooming, weeping something or other.  While Nancy and Abby and I were going from nursery to nursery, quite a wind and rain storm picked up.  It was kind of a fun adventure and we were able to wait it out in some sheltered green houses.
I finally decided on this lovely weeping cherry.  Here's to hoping this one survives!

Matt had had a soccer game scheduled for that night but it was cancelled because of the weather.
After bringing some Firehouse food home for dinner, Nancy, Matt and Abby and I enjoyed a rousing game of Clue.

My collection of flowers grew throughout the day.  I had some wonderful friends remember and make my day special :) 

Blurry but I love it!
Birthday hugs :)


  1. Happy belated birthday!! What an absolutely wonderful day!!

    Blessings, hugs and prayers!

  2. Ang had fun planning her surprise arrival.
    Why have I never known about your fear of birds? Is it because of that Dick Van Dyke episode? : )
    Your story made me giggle, but I have had a similar experience on my morning walks where I would pass a nest of baby birds. Mama and Papa bird would swoop down and chatter at me and I thought surely I would get pecked. I always had to brace myself to walk past that tree.
    Your flowers are gorgeous--I love that you have tulips in colors other than the standard red and yellow.
    Great birthday hug!!

  3. Happy birthday Aimee! I love your garden and all the flowers! It's absolutely gorgeous!! I wish that I could get mine to look like that! I hope to have a successful cactus garden started soon!

  4. Happy belated birthday! Your yard is gorgeous!!