Thursday, May 15, 2014

Abby Lately...

Abby was involved in the SEM (Schoolwide Enrichment Model) class this year at school.
These are all the third graders from our school that were involved this year.  It was kind of fun because three of the other girls are in our same ward and the fifth girl used to be in our ward and, of course, is still a good friend. The one and only boy is the son of Andy's old roommate in college.  We are good friends with his it was just one big happy family :)

For their final project this year their theme was "How Things Work".  They had to choose something to research and explain how it works.  Abby chose the lightbulb.  For her visual, she wanted me to use my Silhouette.  Some of the other projects included:  Ice Cream Maker, Toilet, Microphone and Touch Screen.  They recorded their presentations in class and then had a movie night for their Night of Excellence for families to attend.  It was very cute and a fun evening...especially since all the pressure was off...they had already done all the work and they could just sit and watch :)

It was held at our school but all the SEM 3rd graders from the schools on the south end of the valley attended...(I couldn't get all of them in the shot)

They were all presented with a statue/trophy.  The teacher had done a cute job of decorating with a "red carpet" and theme music and everything.
Congratulations Abby!

Abby also had a very cute Daddy/Daughter night with the Activity Day girls.
Andy forgot his phone so I was so happy when one of her leaders sent me these pics :)!
The girls "shaved" their dads (with popsicle sticks and whipping cream).

And the dads painted the girls' fingernails.  So cute!  Andy did a pretty fine job :)

Abby with some of her pals.

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  1. Abby is delightful. I love the Daddy/Daughter activities! : )