Thursday, May 15, 2014

Josh is 11

Celebrating Sunday night at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
He has asked for root beer floats for his "cake" so Mom put a candle in a muffin for him to blow out :)

Celebrating Monday night with Grandpa and Grandma Bryan.

It was no surprise that Josh chose to go to A & W for his dinner...even though he had just been there two nights earlier when Andy took he and a couple of friends out to celebrate with bowling and dinner.
Poor little Ben.  We don't do restaurants often because Ben doesn't sit still and it's kind of miserable chasing him around everywhere.  However, we told Josh we would do it for him.  Surprises of surprises, Ben sat in the booth for almost the entire time.  
Since we've been on the diet and Ben has become resigned to "his" food, every now and then he will hesitantly point to someone else's food and say "peese?" (please) in the sweetest little voice.
That night he wanted my french fries.  It breaks my heart to tell him no.
We hadn't even packed his dinner to take with us because when we've tried that in the past, he doesn't eat it and just runs around.  I felt so bad.  I gave him water with a straw and promised him chicken/ peas and popcorn when we got home.

So Handsome!

We were so full from our dinner and shakes from A & W that Josh decided to wait until the next night to have his cake.

I cheated this time...I had Andy pick up an ice cream cake from Coldstone.
Ignore one of my current projects taking up half of the counter :)
Everyone was happy with it though...I may cheat more often :)

Happy Birthday Josh!
You are loved!


  1. Love that Josh!!
    (Bless Ben's heart!)
    I'd cheat regularly if I could, Aimee. James usually got a Macey's cake most years, and he was happy. Coldstone sounds yummy!

  2. Yum! Ice cream cake! Happy birthday Josh!