Thursday, July 3, 2014

Activity Day Craft

I was invited to do a craft with the 9 year old girls from church.
They are called Activity Day Girls and meet every other week to do all kinds of things.
Abby and I searched my "craft" Pinterest board to decide what we should do.  
We really liked some of the silhouette art that we saw.
I found some awesome frames at Michael's and cut out a bunch of vinyl animals/objects etc. with my Silhouette Cameo.

I did a little research on silhouettes and found out some interesting stuff.  
Way back when, silhouettes were a cheap alternative to having a portrait painted.  There were a few different ways of doing it but some very talented artists would cut silhouettes by looking at their subject and cutting free hand.
The term "silhouette" is actually a french surname.  Silhouette was a finance minister who had to inflict strict economic regulations on the people.  Because of this his name became associated with "cheap" things.

My plan was to have the girls paint their frames and then give them some history while the paint dried Then, afterwards, they would be ready to do the rest of the project.
In the middle of painting I got a phone call from Ben's teacher.  He had just come out of a seizure and while she was talking to me, went into another one.  I quickly showed the girls' leader how to finish the craft and ran to the school.  After collecting him I went back to the church and found the girls mostly finished with their pictures.  They looked great!

Abby's is the green fox.  Later, at home, I made the bird on the branch and we finished a horse for one of the girls that wasn't there that day.

A simple one, but I think the girls enjoyed it.


  1. Aimee, those are so adorable!!

  2. I didn't know all that! A very fun craft--I got to see a little of it. Does Abby like foxes? I know she likes green!