Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bloody Bowling

So, I wouldn't have named this post what I did if we were British.  However, I tend to try and come up with alliterative titles when I post and this worked quite well for me :)

We had a spontaneous moment the other day and the Bryan family went bowling.
It's a rare thing that the whole family goes on an outing like this.
It's just often so much easier to stay home with Ben while Andy takes the other kids out to do something.  For some reason though, I decided we should all give it a try.
At first, it seemed that Ben wasn't going to want to bowl but we finally got him going.
We had to help him choose his ball and carry it over to the lane...

...set it on the stand and push it down the ramp.

He loved it and signed "more" after each turn.

I was pleased with how our little outing was going so I turned to Andy and said, "So far so good."
Not too long after, Ben was screaming with a bloody nose.
In between turns he just wanted to go up and down the couple of steps by our bench.
Well, he tripped and fell and hit his nose.
I ran and grabbed a bunch of napkins from the eating area but not before it got all over his and Andy's shirts.

Eventually we got him to calm down and from there on out, instead of climbing the steps, he sat on them in between his turns {his own choice}.

I wish my photography skills were better...I'm always getting blurry and dark shots, so that's what you folks get too :)
Matt had quite a unique technique of bouncing his ball down the alley ;)

Abby also had interesting form but usually got it rolling pretty straight.

Love the face!

Josh's expressions were pretty fun too.
BTW, these are happy expressions :)

...and Andy danced :)

Ben won by a landslide!

Even with the bloody nose it ended up being a good family activity.  I'm so glad I didn't choose to stay home with the little man.


  1. Wish there could have been video with this post--especially for Andy's dance!

  2. What a fun night!! Minus the bloody nose.