Thursday, July 31, 2014

Burlap and Initial Door Wreath

I decided it was time that my front door had a new wreath.  
I love Hobby Lobby's selection of burlap ribbon.  They have lots of styles and colors.
I went at the right time too because it was all half off.  I grabbed several spools and then had to choose between them.

The burlap hydrangea is also from Hobby Lobby...isn't it great!?
As a matter of fact, the other flowers and the letter "B" are all from Hobby Lobby as well.
The only think I did not buy at H.L. was the fabric that I used for the bunting.
My original intentions were to stencil "hello" onto the fabric but then decided it would probably be too much.
I had also planned on hot gluing the ribbon to the styrofoam wreath but as I wrapped it around, it bunched up and became awkward so Abby helped me hold it in place while I pinned it at about every other wrap around.  It looked great so I just kept it pinned.

Ben had to get in on the action and pose with the wreath.

I love how it turned out...I love the color combo.

Even Andy liked it!  That's kind of a big deal when the hubs gives a thumbs up to one of my crafty creations :)


  1. Turned out great, Aimee!
    And Ben could give Vanna a run for her money, in my book. : )

  2. Looks great. And I'm with ya on the hubs liking it. Mine rarely notices so when he comments or compliments I'm very proud!!