Monday, July 7, 2014

Bryan Family Vacation 2014 Days 1 & 2

The first day of our trip was the very first Dravet Syndrome Awareness Day ever!
Because we were driving south for a good portion of the day and didn't really see many people, we didn't do a whole lot of awareness work. (Maybe next year will be better :)
We drove to Springdale, Ut. (just outside of Zion National Park).
We checked into our nice little hotel and then went in search of dinner.

Ben's melted butter spilled all over in his lunch bag.  What a mess!
I will be so glad when this diet is over :)

We slept well and then tried to get up early to beat the heat in the park.
We rode the shuttle to the far end of the park and did the riverside walk.  It was super nice because most of the time we were in the shade

Lots of wildlife running around.

This trail is also called "Gateway to the Narrows".  When you come to the end of the trail, you can continue into the water and go into the Narrows.  We didn't come equipped for that.  It sure looked fun though...maybe some day in the future.

That evening we drove to St. George and met up with the rest of Andy's family.
We went to Tuacahn.  We saw The Wizard of Oz.

We were cutting it close to arrive in time so Andy dropped us off at the entrance and parked and brought Ben in with him.  They sat several seats away so Ben didn't even see me until intermission.  Then he was on my lap for the rest of the show and fell asleep before it was over.  He had been quite intrigued by the show for the most part.
(I took several pictures of the actual show before I realized we weren't supposed to.  Therefore, I will not post them although I really wish I could because they are so colorful and fun!)
I've wanted to go to Tuacahn for a while now so it was fun to actually be there.  The setting was beautiful and it cooled off just enough that we were comfortable and able to enjoy the production :)


  1. That first day's walk looks kind of fun. Love the shots of everyone having a good time.
    Don't recall if I've ever been to Zion (if I have, I was very small at the time). I really should get there sometime--when it isn't too hot!
    I'm glad the Tuacahn experience was a good one. Lucky that Ben was entertained. I hope to get there in the next year or so, too.
    Great parting shot. : )

  2. LOVE Tuachan! I'm so glad you got to go! Their Disney shows are magical!