Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bryan Family Vacation 2014 Day 3

The next day we celebrated Grandpa Bryan's birthday...a little bit early :)

Ben had had two seizures earlier that morning but seemed to be fine later on.

The birthday man playing bingo.

My cute, chubby cheeked nephew Carter.

The whole Bryan Clan.
I was the lucky one and got to stand in the shade :)

We decided to move inside, away from the heat.

Then it was time to hit the pool.

After eating at the Pizza Factory that evening, all the girls went back to Tuacahn and saw The Little Mermaid.

It was a great show!  Much more involved and special effect laden than the Wizard of Oz.
I loved that there was water on the stage and that they used black lights.  They also used the harnesses to make it look like the actors were swimming for some really cool scenes "underwater".

They did have quite the technical difficulties at a couple of points though.
Intermission was super long because they were trying to fix a projector light that had not been working the first half of the show.
Then one time, right in the middle of a scene, the announcer came on and asked all the actors to exit the stage as the was some hazardous scenery issues.
Afterwards, all of us still agreed that it was a fantastic show and enjoyed it immensely despite all the problems.

We waited around to meet some of the characters after the show.

The girls were in heaven :)

Such a fun night!  I'm glad I was able to spend it with my Abs!

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