Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bryan Family Vacation 2014 Days 4 & 5

The next day Ben had his cluster.  I had come prepared with things to do at the condo in such a case so I was content to stay back with him while Andy took the kids hiking around Pioneer Park.
The loved it!

This is my favorite with the St. George temple in the background.

That evening everyone gathered at one of the condos and played games and things.
We had finally given Ben diastat after his tenth seizure but he was still really sleepy and drugged so, again, I willingly stayed back and read and worked on my hexies while watching retro t.v. and munching on snacks :)

The next day was departure day.
Ben talked his cousins into playing Duck Duck Goose with him.
They are all so good to Ben.

That morning we debated whether or not we should take an extra side trip and go to the Grand Canyon.
We had originally thought that it would be an extra 4 hours in the car.  The kids and I had never been there so I (even though I'm not a fan of car travel) voted for it thinking we would regret it if we didn't.
Then, Andy did some looking online and found that it could take much longer to get up to 4 hours one way!  What to do?  We checked with some locals and I checked the internet and we decided that we would just do it and that it probably wouldn't be as short as a 4 hour round trip but most likely not as long as an 8 hour one either.

Andy told me I would be amazed at the amount of greenery toward the end of the drive.  I felt like we were in Yellowstone or even Oregon in some spots.  It contrasted so much with all the red rock and heat that we had been experiencing the last several days.  It dipped down to 69 degrees in the coolest part of our drive but then quickly climbed back up before we came out of the trees and hit the canyon.

It was quite amazing and breathtaking!

Ben slept through a good portion of it.

It ended up being and extra 5 hours which was just fine.
I'm so glad we made the trip.

Ice cream at the lodge afterwards.
That night, we drove back to Springdale and stayed in the same hotel as the first night.  Some of the extended family was staying there and going into Zion the next day since they hadn't done it before St. George like we had.
We had a great trip.  I'm not a dry, hot, dusty sort of kind of beauty is the lush, green, rainy kind.  So whenever I saw something that was striking, I would say something like, "Oh, that's kind of a dry, hot, dessert sort of way".  It kind of became a joke between me and Andy.  He loves this kind of scenery and was very much in his element.  I feel like I did come to appreciate some of the "beauties" of Southern Utah though and I was relieved that we survived the heat!

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  1. That is wonderful that you were able to go to the Grand Canyon.